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Audrey Hu-Gonzalez is a local expert when it comes to weddings, corporate, and social events. As a certified wedding planner, she can assist you from the initial planning stages to the fine-tuned details of menu selections, floral arrangements, entertainment, and photography and will guide you to help make your event an unforgettable occasion for you and your guests. She strives for the best in all that she does. Her philosophy is simple: be graceful, sophisticated, and have fun in what you’re doing. With this philosophy she orchestrates events with professionalism and a true sense of hospitality. Passionate Events! Desires Detailed!

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Wendy + Kermit {Happily Married!}

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Hello happy readers!
Wendy & Kermit’s reception was a very sweet & and eco-friendly wedding. Wendy incorporated the simplicity throughout the reception since the venue she decided to have it at is an eco-friendly restaurant. So with that in mind, she incorprated mason jars, an old fashioned typewriter, and some lavender to incorporate the vintage/modern feel. The couple had married over a year ago but waited until a year later to have the reception.

Instead of having the traditional wedding cake they opted for a lovely ice cream sundae station provided by Chocolate Fountain Express

The Grove restaurant is a wonderful location for those eco-friendly brides! :) Clean, modern lines, and simplicity. Perfect for that Eco-friendly couple!
Here are some personal pics of the wedding. Sorry they are so fuzzy!


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified Wedding Planner in Houston,TX

Certified Zumba instructor in Houston, TX

Latricia + Okon 6.4.11

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Hello Happy readers!

I love doing weddings!  I think I may have told you that already!  It’s one of my most favorite & emotional times in a person’s life.  It’s such a special day for all those involved that I always feel extra special when I am selected to do the wedding.

That’s what it was like with Latricia & Okon.  Latricia knew from the moment she met me that I was going to be her wedding planner.  In fact in our first initial meeting, she said, ” I don’t know why you’re bothering trying to sell me, I already decided that I wanted to use you when I first saw your site.  Meeting you was just a fomality and I like you so much already!” :)   I LOVE LOVE THAT!!!

Latricia had decided to do her wedding at the lovely Bell Tower on 34th.  It is such a lovely venue.  She was the type of girl that wanted just the right “bling” in her wedding.  Not too much, not too little, juuuuussst right! 

I have been blessed with wonderfully organized & sweet brides & Latricia was no exception.  She was meticulous in what she wanted and knew exactly how she wanted it.  Her thoughts & ideas came to life!  The event well extremely well & Jason Garcia with Space City Entertainment did not fail us!  With a great mix of Top 40, Hip Hop, & a good mix of Nigerian music, there was not one person that wasn’t satisfied, musically!

Here are some beautiful images by the lovely Margaret Lee with LoveLee Photography.  Her work is always refereshing & breathtaking!  Enjoy!

Lauren & Bryan’s lovely pictures from Chris Bailey Photography

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Hello Happy readers!

Whenever I get an opportunity to showcase a photographer’s work, I jump at the chance!  Here are some amazing pictures from wonderfully sweet Chris Bailey of Chris Bailey photography!  This wedding was so much fun & Chris captured it so very well!  Thanks again to Chris Bailey!


Happy Planning!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & Event planner in Houston, TX  & Zumba fantatic! :-)

Lauren + Bryan 8.21.10

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Hello Everyone!
I can’t wait to blog about this one! Lauren & Bryan were such a young, fun-loving, & super happy couple! They decided that having an outdoor ceremony at the Cohen House in Rice University was the perfect location for this couple.

After the ceremony guests wined & dined the night away with some rockin’ music by the Groom’s cousin, Stephen Frazier.  It was a family event where everyone participated from the singers at the ceremony to the Father of the Groom gettin’ down with his old college band! Everyone danced the night away!  It was nice to see the Father of the Groom having fun at his son’s wedding! :-)

Here are some personal pictures of the wedding.  It was a blast to coordinate this event & a blast to be a part of it! Enjoy!


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & event planner in Houston, TX

Candice + Kenneth 9.4.10

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Hi Everyone!
I had the pleasure of coordinating a fun wedding in Highlands, TX.  Candice & Kenneth wanted to have the ceremony & reception in the mother of bride’s home.

This was a fun wedding! They incorporated the color purple & the outdoor cowboy theme bringing in a little bit of Texas with a twist!  In order to soften the area a bit they decided to drape certain areas for a softer look.  Thanks to Angela with Techave Inc  they did just that!

I enjoyed planning this fun & whimsical wedding. From the flowers to the cake everything tied in well. Enjoy a few of my personal pics!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez
Certified wedding & event planner in Houston, TX

Charlotte & Kristofer video – June 19, 2010

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Whenever I get an amazing vendor like A&A Videography, I just have to shout out in joy!  It’s always so wonderful to work with them at every wedding that I do.  From outdoor celebrations to extravagant affairs A&A just knows how to create beautiful masterpieces!

For more information about A&A check out their website at : 

Here’s a little sample of my absolutely lovely bride & her dashing groom Kris.  Congratulations!  More blogging to come I promise! :-)

Happy Planning!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & event planner

wedding part 1 – So many wonderful pictures!

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Ok, I am going to back track on this one a little bit.  Last year I had the DISTINCT & most HONORED pleasure of planning probably one of the most special & one of the most heartwarming events of my career.  This special event confirmed to me that love can last and marriage is truely one-of-a-kind.  The event that I planned was the 50th wedding annivesary of Liza’s parents.  It was such a lovely event surrounded by all of their beautiful daughters & their families!  I loved every minute of it!

So when it came time to plan Liza’s wedding, Liza & Clari once again decided that having a wedding planner for Liza’s important day was extremely important.  She wanted to ENJOY her wedding rather that having to STRESS over her day.

She incorporated both cultures .  She had lovely Greek music playing during the cocktail hour and surprised her guests with a group of high school Greek Dancers to entertain throughout dinner.  And decided to open the dance floor to Suavamente by Elvis Crespo. 

To this couple, being of Mexican & Greek culture, was very important to them.  They wanted to display their proud culture and traditions.  I love it when couples incorporate their cultures into the wedding.  And guess who blessed the dinner?  Her 4 yearl old nephew!  He was just sooo cute!  He blessed the food with “God is good, God it great, Let us thank him for our food.  How to we eat quietly!”

Here are some AMAZING pictures graciously provided by the lovely LOVELEE PHOTOGRAPHY!  Margaret did such and amazing job and captured the Groom’s PANATHINAIKOS themed cake so well!  It was too much fun.  Thanks LoveLee!  Oooh forgot about the cute dog that was part of the wedding, You rock Rocky M.D.! :-)

Side note: Image above from my new Panoramic camera.  Like it? :-)

Lotion & Handmade Candles – Z’handmade

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Looking for a lovely gift for either a family friend, bridesmaids, or wedding party? How about as party favors?  I’ve decided to blog about my dear friend Zafrina Vellani with Z’s Handmade.

Whenever I find interesting items that are handmade, it just seems to be extra special.  The thought of someone giving me something so special as a handmade lotion or a handmade candle makes me feel as if I was important in their lives.

She offers a wonderful variety of smells.  Here’s a list of some of her most popular sales:

Desire – An alluring, sensual fragrance. Top notes of fresh citrus and vetiver and rose geranium, middle notes of jasmine, lily of the valley; and bottom notes of amber guise, vanilla, and musk .

Romance – A truly romantic, passionate fragrance. This unique aroma begins with top notes of fresh ferns and water lilies. Middle notes of fresh rose petals, clove, French jasmine, and lilac, with a background of sandalwood.

Kisses – A playful scent which begins with raspberry, blackberry, and strawberries. Has a note of coconut milk and fresh roses, and hint of Egyptian vanilla and amber musk

To name just a few.  So as you can see she offers some tantalizing smells! ;-)

Here are some additional products that  Z’s Handmade offers:

Soy lotion candle: Soy lotion candles, are also called body candles and massage candles. These are yet another type of candle, this one serving several simultaneous functions. While they light a room, provide a wonderful ambiance, and emit subtle fragrance, lotion candles also contain cosmetic ingredients that make them a superb body moisturizer and massage oil alternative. Because of their ingredients, a true lotion candle will melt at a very low temperature, usually at just 101 – 102 degrees. At slightly above body temperature, they are warm and not hot.
Body Butter: Our Body Butters are amazingly  moisturizing, and the ingredients are top  quality natural butters and rich oils.   The  Shea butter has often been called  the   ultimate moisturizer. It   quickly  melts and   absorbs into the skin,   and its  suitable for   all  skin types. The   Shea  butter leaves your   skin feeling  really   soft and smooth.

Wickless lotion candles: Wickless lotion candles are flameless, no wicks candles. Simply place them on a candle warmer and enjoy the lotion without a flame. Our wickless candles come in sizes of 8oz and 16oz. We offer them in a glass jars as well as a metal tin cans.

Think about it for your next event, whether it be for a wedding, bridal shower, family gathering, or if you just want to treat yourself to something nice.

Happy Planning!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & event planner in Houston, TX

Agnes + Lam 1.23.10

Monday, April 5th, 2010

So what can I tell you about my lovely bride Agnes?  She sweet, smart, & undeniably funny!!  I enjoyed planning her wedding and with her as there was NEVER a dull moment!  From the invites to her glittery gold pumps, every minute with her was like planning a dear old friend’s wedding.  Lam was as sweet as a button and one of nicest grooms you’ll ever meet.  :-)

So with that in mind Agnes had a vision of simplicity chic!  Simple, elegant, clean lines, & very very feminine.  She selected the gorgeous Hilton Hotel Post Oak.  She was the type of bride that enjoyed the planning process.  She tasted it…she touched it… she felt it and she changed it…dresses that is! ;-) She had 4 dress changes.  1. Traditional wedding dress 2.  Vietnamese wedding dress 3.  Korean wedding dress & 4. Fun party dress for dancing!

Oh, and I HAVE to talk about the cakes done by Cakes by Gina…OH MY!!!  Her wedding cake design was a complete surprise!  That’s right folks!  Cakes by Gina created this based on her wedding dress & her personality.  She wanted to give Agnes “bling bling” and made edible jewelry.  OH, not the mention the groom’s cake!!!!  Have you ever seen such a realistic bowl of Pho?  From the chopsticks to the jalapeno peppers..everything was edible!

Here are a few images that were graciously provided by the Oh so wonderful! Steve Lee with Steve Lee Weddings.  He and is staff captured the moment as always….beautifully!  Click on the image for larger picture.


Happy planning

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & event Planner in Houston, TX

It’s getting cold out there! What to do with coats during events

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The other day I attended a wonderful networking event in Downtown Houston. 

The night was BRRRR..cold!  Not like today (December 4, 2009) in Houston,TX and it’s snowing!  BUT it was chilly out so as anyone would do, I brought my coat.

When I arrived I asked the Host if there was a coat check so that I can leave it there and not have to worry about lugging around my big coat.  I was informed that they did not have a coat check! :(

So it got me thinking, although Houston is not a very cold city, I feel that it should be important to offer that service when doing an event in the winter time.  I cannot begin to tell you how crowded it got and having to carry a coat just added to the “cozy” but tight atmosphere.

So in retrospect if you have an event during the winter it might be a good idea to ask the facility if they can offer you a coat check person at the front.  They can keep an eye on your coat and your guests can have FUN at your event instead of having to worry about where their coat is.  You can check with them to see what if any are the additional rates.

Happy Planning!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified Wedding & Event Planner in Houston, TX

Photo courtesy of Mary Henry Zeek Photography

Photo courtesy of Mary Henry Zeek Photography


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