Hello happy readers!

I have been looking forward to blogging about this amazing wedding! This wedding was filled with so much love & laughter!

So a little about the couple, Anja was one of those sweet artistic and romantic girls. She loved sweetly & gently which reflected alot in her wedding. She also wanted to incorporate her British heritage by creating an English tea theme into her wedding.

Joe was an absolute sweetheart. He loved Anja so much it was so heart warming everytime I saw them together. He was a tough guy with a soft heart. They were the perfect pair!

I also loved her parents! Fantastically wonderful and so loving parents and her mother always smiling from ear to ear & laughing! Just loved her!

So for the wedding the perfect location for them to have it was at her parent’s most beautiful ranch in Navasota, TX. This place was just simply….. BEAUTIFUL, SERENE, PEACEFUL, QUAINT, & JUST LOVELY!

With it’s rolling hills, beautiful huge trees, & her funny & quirky animals; it was the perfect scene for this outdoor wedding reception. From Llamas to longhorns there was never a boring moment at the ranch!

She wanted to bring the outside in, so with with help of Angela with TechAve we accomplished just that. With a team of fantastic and wonderful vendors this wedding was just absolutely beautiful! Thank you goes to Jason with DJs Unlimited, Beth with Elegant Linens, Carmen with Carmen’s Floral, and Courtney with Alpha Prosperity!

Here are a some just really amazing pictures from the fabulous duo Amber & Jeremy with Life As Art Photography, renowed Dallas photographers & just plain “cool” people. I enjoyed working with them.



Audrey Hu – Gonzalez

Wedding planner in Houston, TX

Certified Zumba instructor!


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