Beverly + Joe {HAPPILY MARRIED!}

Dear Happy readers!

I have been wanting to blog about this wedding for such a long time! This wedding had all the fixins’ of a fun & family wedding!

Beverly & Joe felt that it was very important to have a beautiful & intimate wedding with close family & friends in a setting that was historic & special at the same time. Her father, who was just the greatest father a bride could have, had previously donated to the park & felt that this was the perfect location to have her event. She wanted to bring in a “Texas Country Chic” theme to the wedding with beautiful flowers that had that “just picked” look & down home BBQ for many of her out of town guests.

Many of her guests were not from Texas, including the couple, so they felt that BBQ was the best representation of what Texas had to offer! So we enlisted George Demeris, with Demeris Catering who delighted guests with home town cookin’ and with pecan pie for dessert!

The venue, was the perfect location for this event! Mixing in historical markers with Houston buildings was the great back drop of fusing the past with the present. The Texas Heritage Society park is a wonderful historical venue.

We did, however, had a wedding crasher! That’s right folks, it’s a public park and we can’t deny anyone or any animal from coming into the wedding! So, a chicken hawk decided to make an appereance right in the middle of the father of the bride speech! With his meal in tow! Check out the great shots that Dahlia Photo did of this fantastic and unexpected moment. The father of the bride took it well, shrugged his shoulders, & simply said, “I guess that my cue to end my speech!”

Her father was a sweet man, coming in a checking up on everything, making sure that if we needed anything he was there for us. He also made the cute table numbers in his workshop. Now that’s an awesome dad!

Here are a some ABSOLUTELY Fabulous shots from none other than one of my dearest photographer friends, Sharon Steinmann with Dahlia Photo. She is very journalistic & was able to capture the beauty of the entire event.

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