Hello happy readers!

Well, what can I tell you about the OH SO LOVELY Erin & her DASHING husband Matt? That they were fun? That they were always laughing? Always smiling, and hugging, and kissing? That they made me laugh? That they were FULL OF LIFE & fun stories? Yeah, that about sums it up about the two of them.

They are such a truly fun-loving couple and every minute with them was a blast! Her mom, Donna, was just as amazing as Erin was! Even my daughter still talks about her and wishes to see Ms. Donna again!

Erin & Matt had thought long and hard about the color scheme & theme that they were going to do for this wedding. They decided that using the colors of the peacock, PERFECTLY reflected that style, grace, and total goofiness. So with the help of some amazing vendors, they created this sweet & colorful wedding filled with a gorgeous candy buffet, peppermint martinis (YUM!) and luscious colors of linen & flowers by Bill with Floral Events.

At the end of the night instead of bubbles, sparklers…the norm, they decided to do white pom poms! It was more a of “dance off” as they danced their way to the Black Swan at the gorgeous Omni Hotel Riverway to keep the party going!

Here are some amazing and absolutely gorgeous pictures from the renowned David Jones with David Jones Photography! He was an absolute blast to work with and enjoyed every minute of this wedding! Thanks again David!


Happy planning!

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Wedding planner in Houston, TX

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