Grace + Andy - Super cuteness! {Happily Married!}

Hello Happy readers!

The pleasure of weddings and planning them if finding couples that are fun, fantastic, easy going, and know what they like. They make you laugh! Make you feel like your planning a dear friend's wedding! This was Grace and Andy. THEY WERE A PLEASURE to work with. We laughed so much! I had blast!

They decided on a beautiful rustic themed wedding. Focusing on bringing the outside into their wedding. Fusing Chinese and Mexican influences throughout the wedding. I LOVED the idea that the Andy's sister decided to officiate the wedding. I loved the Chinese chopsticks she incorporated into her wedding! Both families were just a hoot to hang around with. Her mom super sweet!!! Check out these sweet images by Lovelee photography. Margaret Lee and her team rocked the event. They TOO ARE SUCH A BLAST to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better group of vendors for this event! Enjoy! PHOTO


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

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Grace and Andy