HEATHER + TRAY {Happily Married}

Hello readers!

I had the distinct pleasure of coordinating this lovely couple’s wedding. When Heather first met me, it was “Love at first sight”. We bonded, we laughed, we truly enjoyed each other’s company. She was sold!

She decided that she needed a planner for her wedding due to her busy schedule as a Doctor & the idea of planning a wedding in Galveston while living in Houston would pose a bit of a challenge for her. She wanted to find the best vendors to work with and new that she didn’t want the hassle of finding them.

Heather & Tray were such a cute couple! Constantly laughing and smiling from ear to ear! You SO see the love between these two love birds that I shed a tear at their ceremony.

They decided to have their wedding at the BEAUTIFUL Historic Hotel Galvez. The day was PERFECT! It was crystal clear skies & the perfect weather. God couldn’t have made it anymore beautiful!

They danced the night away with with fantastic music provided by Jason Garcia with Space City Entertainment.

So take a look at these “Crystal clear” images by the wonderful & amazing, Margaret Lee with Love Lee Photography. Thank you Magaret for doing such a beautiful JOB! Not to mention my amazing vendor team!

  • heather_traylon_453-1337346039-O.jpg
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