LATRICIA + OKON {Happily Married}

Hello Happy readers!

I love doing weddings! I think I may have told you that already! It’s one of my most favorite & emotional times in a person’s life. It’s such a special day for all those involved that I always feel extra special when I am selected to do the wedding.

That’s what it was like with Latricia & Okon. Latricia knew from the moment she met me that I was going to be her wedding planner. In fact in our first initial meeting, she said, ” I don’t know why you’re bothering trying to sell me, I already decided that I wanted to use you when I first saw your site. Meeting you was just a fomality and I like you so much already!” I LOVE LOVE THAT!!!

Latricia had decided to do her wedding at the lovely Bell Tower on 34th. It is such a lovely venue. She was the type of girl that wanted just the right “bling” in her wedding. Not too much, not too little, juuuuussst right!

I have been blessed with wonderfully organized & sweet brides & Latricia was no exception. She was meticulous in what she wanted and knew exactly how she wanted it. Her thoughts & ideas came to life! The event well extremely well & Jason Garcia with Space City Entertainment did not fail us! With a great mix of Top 40, Hip Hop, & a good mix of Nigerian music, there was not one person that wasn’t satisfied, musically!

Here are some beautiful images by the lovely Margaret Lee with LoveLee Photography. Her work is always refereshing & breathtaking! Enjoy!

  • latricia_okon_604.jpg
  • latricia_okon_483.jpg
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