Hello readers!

Sheila & Rogelio are a wonderfully sweet couple. She a nurse and him a fireman! What a great combination!

So when I got the call to meet them I was really excited to be working with them! They loved each other so much and were always laughing! I enjoyed planning this wedding with them.

They are very big into family. Family is very very important in their lives & they wanted to respect them as well as incorporate each others cultures. It can always be a challenge incorporating the two cultures but it can also be amazing & beautiful! Fusion is the way to go!

So with that in mind they had an authentic Asian Tea ceremony in the morning that is very prevalent in Chinese & Vietnamese cultures and later in the afternoon a very lovely Catholic wedding ceremony. The danced the night away while enjoying delicious food from Kim Son & dancing hot Latin music throughout the night provided by LG Entertainers.

TechAve did was a wonderful job of draping and decorating the room leaving the Good luck symbols of the Dragon & Phoenix which is very important in many Asian cultures.

Their intro speech was in Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, & English! Some of their menus were also in all 4 languages too. I loved it! And in every moment in the wedding all you see is love, laughter, & double happiness!

So here are a few lovely pictures from Khloe Madison Photography. They did such a beautiful job on the wedding and the work speaks for itself! Enjoy!


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez


Houston Wedding planner

Certified Zumba Instructor in Houston, TX

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