Hello Happy readers!

So, I find that many brides & their mothers deal with a very difficult decision at every wedding. This issue has caused great grief amongst friends & family members. What is it?? To allow children at the wedding or not.

Yes, that’s right folks this can cause alot of stress on your wedding. Having children at the wedding has it’s pros & cons.

Pros: A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without little children. Right? ; -) They bring joy & happiness to every wedding and for some reason always can keep the party going with their rambucious and happy personalities. They make for the cutest little dance partners and photographers LOVE photographing them! They represent our future!

Cons: But they run around, pull out flowers out of centerpieces, place their cute little fingers on the cake, eat all the party favors with candy, whine, cry, yell, eat on the floor, throw flower petals on the carpet and smush their cute little feet to make pretty little designs on the carpet, or the most popular one; go underneath the buffet table to play “tent” under sternos, chafers, knives, spoons…OH YES!! Note: I have a little one so I know from experience!

So, what do to?! Oh my! What to do??? Well, I recently attended a fundraising gala at the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Houston. It was going to be a lovely event, however I was not sure I was going to be able to attend since my little one was going to be with me. I was worried who I was going to leave her with.

Well no worries!! The event offered on-site sitters for the event! Yay!!! I was sooo happy and excited to know that I could safely bring my child to event and someone was going to play with her, do activities with her, dance & have fun with other children!

So, the million dollar question: Who was this amazing sitting service that they provided? On-site Wedding & Event sitters! Cher (the owner) did a MAGNIFICENT job with my daughter and with all the little ones there. She had activities for them, danced with them, and played games with them! My daughter enjoyed the time she had with Cher & her the new friends she made.

So, don’t fret my dears! On-Site Sitters are here! Make your event stressfree for not only yourself but for those parents who want to join in your celebration and not have to sacrifice in having one stay at home OR finding a good sitter at home. In this way your children will be with you always.

On-Site Sitters for me have been a heaven sent!

Happy reading!


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez

Certified wedding & Event planner in Houston, TX & Zumba Fanatic!