Mary + Karl {Happily Married!}

Hello Happy Readers!

Whenever I think if TRUE fusion wedding I will always and forever think of Mary & Karl! This wedding was a fusion of several different cultures. All amazing! I love when couples incorporate their cultures into their weddings. It makes them unique, special, and amazing!

Mary comes from a Cambodian/Chinese background so the ceremony followed Asian traditions very closely. Her fiancé Karl was happy to perform the traditional ceremonial duties! :) I think Mary had by far the most dress changes from all my clients. Many styles from traditional Cambodian (2!) to then a beautiful white wedding dress and then into a traditional and beautiful Indian Saree!

Karl comes from and Indian/Persian background so Mary incorporated his culture into the fashion and music. DJ Scoop played fresh music from across the globe! From Top 40, Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, and Latin! Everyone had so much fun! :)

Mary also incorporated a Cambodian band playing tunes at the beginning of the event with DJ Scoop finishing up at the end.

They both loved bling! Especially Mary! The blingier the better! The tallest the better! She loved sparkle and candy. She created a lovely candy buffet with all sorts of goodies from Kit Kat, Lollipops, & cake pops!

Mary & Karl were sooo in love and so passionate about each other and wanted to show it to the world! Super cute!

Enjoy these LOVELY images from none other than Collins Metu with Collins Metu Photography! 1Cinema Productions did a fabulous job on the video!!!


Audrey Hu-Gonzalez


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