Sayi + Ehis {Happily Married!}

Hello Happy readers!

It's been awhile. Did you miss me? :) Today I present to you the lovely wedding of Sayi & Ehis. This wedding is truly historic as they were the LAST couple to have their reception at the original Petroleum Club of Houston located on Bell St. One of the most beautiful venues in Houston! I had the great pleasure of being the last wedding planner to walk through the halls of this beautiful space.

Sayi & Ehis had such a beautiful wedding. The couple were so wonderful to work with! I swear I get the BEST couples on the planet! The beautiful colors coordinated so well with the venue!

This wedding was a mix of Nigerian and Tanzanian cultures. It was so beautiful! Great mix of music and dancing all through the night. As a special treat the Sayi had a luscious Ice Cream bar for her fiancé Ehis.

Here are a few images from a good friend of mine and FABULOUS Wedding photographer Collins Metu! Please click on the arrows to see the images. Thank you www.collinsmetuphotography.com for sharing these lovely images!

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